Renault Uganda

Merca Limited in partnership with Salvador Caetano Group is the official Renault distributor in Uganda.     
Merca Limited  is a company incorporated in Uganda in 1990, affiliated to Victoria Motors Limited and a member of the General Machinery (Gmach) Group of companies. We are the authorized Distributor for Renault vehicles in Uganda. We are driven by the experience and good knowledge of the motor vehicle industry based on the long history of General machinery in Uganda, since 1965.     
Other than a long and solid history, Merca Limited has put together an experienced team that is dedicated to offering transport solutions that address the specific needs of the customer.  

The customers transport problem is Merca’s business and Renault is the solution.    

Our Vision

To provide transport solutions that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our Mission Statement

To establish long term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer services. We strive to exceed all stakeholders’ expectations.

Salvador Caetano Group is a Portuguese group operating internationally in the motor industry. Its first and main activity is automotive distribution and retail, however other activities such as bus construction, industrial equipment sales, auto after-sales services and IT development are also expertise fields of this group. It has always had a pioneering philosophy in all its sectors.

With more than six decades of activity, the Group continues to widen its horizons. Since its beginning, Salvador Caetano Group has set foot in numerous markets like Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Cape Verde, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, China and others. Its ambition and hard-work will surely become the key for attaining the growth needed to become an established institution that firmly keeps up with the demanding corporate environment of the 21st century.

Salvador Caetano builds our future.