Renault Z.E.

Battery Charging Modes

Renault has developed three different modes of recharge for the Z.E range in order to answer to everyone's needs:
Standard Charging
power socket of standard terminal recharge
This is the most common way of charge. By simply connecting your Renault ZE vehicle on a standard terminal recharge - at home or in a parking lot, for example - you can perform a full charge in 3.5 hours to 8 hours depending on the model and the power availability.
The charging station at home or Wall-Box is a charging device certified: your Wall-Box will be installed by a professional, who will check all of your electrical installation. It can charge to a power of 3 kW or more if your home installation allows, completing a full charge of Fluence and Kangoo ZE within 6 to 8 hours. The Wall-Box can also program your refill to take advantage of the most favorable electricity rates. Finally, the connection to the Wall-Box is easily done with the charging cable supplied with your vehicle.
Accelerated Charge
Charging cable for vehicles

There are also extra charge modes. When you need to quickly recharge your battery, simply plug your Renault ZE * on a terminal installed on the highway to recover the entire load in one hour.

Connection to this type of terminal is done by using the charging cable supplied with your vehicle.

*Availability according to model

fast recharge of vehicles, quickdrop system

In some countries it will be installed automatic battery exchange stations. You will be able, without leaving your vehicle, to replace your depleted battery within 3 minutes with a fully charged battery. In a first stage, the installation of such stations is expected to happen in Israel and Denmark, in partnership with Better Place.