Renault Z.E.


Electric vehicles: a new technology that fits your lifestyle

In Europe, 87% of daily trips are short ones normally less than 60 km.
You go to work, drop your children at school, go meet some friends ...
Do not change your daily schedule, your electric vehicle will be there with you wherever you go.
Various factors may vary the actual battery life of your 100% electric vehicle: the typology of your route, speed, use of heating or air conditioning or your driving style.
Nevertheless, Renault Z.E. is smart enough to help you control your autonomy at all times.

The Econometer
econometer of electric vehicle

The econometer, located on the instrument panel shows the energy consumption variation. When the gauge is in the light blue area, power consumption is normal. The red area indicates higher consumption. The dark blue area indicates the contrary, a recovery phase where kinetic energy recharges your battery.

Recovery of Energy When Decelerating
econometer showing recovery of energy

When decelerating, the vehicle can recover the kinetic energy of the motion and stock it in the battery. This function contributes to optimize the autonomy of the Z.E vehicles. You can know for sure that your vehicle is recovering energy when the pointer of the econometer is in the dark blue area.

Eco Mode
Button for Eco Mode

This feature allows you to limit the parameters of thermal comfort (air conditioning and heating) in the Fluence ZE model, and to control engine performance (torque and speed) in the Kangoo ZE model. This feature can lead you to optimize your battery life up to 10%.

Pre conditioning system in electric vehicle

The pre-conditioning system allows you to turn up the air conditioning/ventilation while the vehicle is connected to the charging station. By programming in advance the conditioning of the cabin you will benefit from thermal comfort as soon as you enter the vehicle without having to spend battery charge. In fact, the air conditioning/ventilation will use power from the station net to acclimatize the cabin instead of relying in the battery.


Specially adapted to vehicles in the Renault ZE range, the Carminat TomTom ZE Live lets you control autonomy by displaying on screen the range of durability of your vehicle's battery at the moment. In navigation mode you can find out through a colour code if your vehicle is prepared to go to the programmed destination or if it will need a recharge in order to end the journey. The system will offer specific orientation to the nearest charging station. And thanks to life service you will benefit from real-time information on traffic as well as traffic radars warnings.

The Carminat TomTom Z.E. Live update is very easy, as there are various online services available (depending on models and countries).

Range of Services MY Z.E CONNECT
Renault Z.E. vehicles offer a conection service allowing easy and intelegent mobility and control over the automobile. 

MY Z.E. CONNECT is the service that will give you a remote view, either from your phone or from your computer, of the charge level of your vehicle (depending on model). This way, wherever you are, you can access to real-time charge level, battery life span, charging current process and history of past refills.